Recent Media Coverage of FogHorn Series B Funding

FogHorn’s $30 million Series B funding announcement attracted a lot of media attention—the most we’ve ever received for a single announcement. This comes as no surprise considering what a hot topic industrial IoT has become and the fact the FogHorn is one of its hottest enabling technologies.

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Coverage Highlights

"FogHorn is one of the first companies to make software in the little-known area of fog or edge computing that locally analyzes data collected from sensors deployed in industrial equipment to increase speed and save costs."

"We had the luxury of picking and choosing from 25-plus investors who wanted to participate," said FogHorn Chief Executive David King."

"FogHorn's Lighting platform has been purpose-built to run in very small footprint (256MB or smaller) edge computing systems. "The reason this is important is that the vast majority of data streaming from IoT sensors is useless within a very short period of time," wrote King. "The information that is valuable - the anomalies and hard-to-detect patterns - need to be acted upon while operators can take corrective action."

"The managing director North America of Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Cory Steffek, said harnessing IIoT insights would produce significant operating savings and spur major process improvements in the oil and gas industry. "We believe innovators like FogHorn will lead the way in redefining IIoT edge computing to deliver real-time analytics and machine learning value across our entire business -- upstream, midstream and downstream."

"According to King, when FogHorn first started they were a bit counter cultural. "We took a completely different approach," said King. "Which is to basically develop something from scratch, that was perfectly built for streaming data, so you didn't have to send all the data to the cloud."

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