FogHorn Systems featured on IoT Spotlight Podcast

Edge analytics and edge computing are becoming a more common topic of conversation in the industrial IoT, with the global edge analytics market expected to be worth US $25.569 billion by 2025, according to Transparency Market Research. Recently our CEO David C. King spoke on the Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast about the trends FogHorn Systems is seeing in the edge computing industry and how those will impact the industrial IoT. In this three-part series, David discusses the evolution of edge computing, recent advancements in edge analytics and actual use cases of edge analytics.

FogHorn CEO David C. King

Part One

In Part One, David dives into the history of FogHorn Systems, including how Cisco pioneered the term fog computing, our value proposition and which industries are leading adoption of edge analytics.

Part Two

This segment focuses on recent moves to increase compute power at the edge in order to improve real time IoT application response, including investments and initiatives by big firms as they double down on the edge. David discusses how FogHorn’s technology has evolved and how they’re working with partners to further innovate edge computing.

Part Three

In this final installment of IoT Spotlight Podcast, David and host Erik Walenza look at the recent explosion of edge analytics adoption as end-users try to stay ahead of the IoT curve. David discusses actual use cases FogHorn is seeing across industrial and manufacturing environments and the benefits edge analytics solutions can bring to your firm's IoT portfolio.