FogHorn Named "Hot IoT Startup to Watch in 2017"


“Behind the scenes in the enterprise world, an IoT revolution is happening”—HPE Matters

All of the hard work of the past two years is paying off and the IoT industry is definitely taking notice. HPE Matter just published an article about what it considers to be the eight hottest IoT companies that will make the biggest splash in 2017—and first on this list is FogHorn!

HPE Matter, a digital magazine produced by Hewlett Packard Enterprise in partnership with such notable publications as WIRED, The Telegraph, The Register and The Atlantic, posted the article on its website bringing to light how IoT is bringing substantial innovations to the enterprise and industrial space.

Unlike the typical perception that IoT is primarily a technology for consumer wearables and gadgets, the HPE Matter article focuses on a new revolution where IoT is working behind the scenes “bringing intelligence and insight to previously unconnected devices like lighting and heating systems, vehicles and even farmland.”

HPE Matter credits FogHorn with creating a “stack” of specialized software that injests locally created sensor data which it then processes at the edge creating useful insights. By enabling enterprises to bring this intelligence to the edge, they can dramatically reduce bandwidth usage and latency which in turn accelerates decision-making. “FogHorn and its model is likely to be crucial to the success or failure of intelligent IoT projects,” the publication said.

FogHorn software can “communicate via the cloud to centralized management systems that use machine learning and advanced analytics.” By strategically using the cloud for selective operations rather than flooding the Internet with massive amounts of raw sensor data, enterprises can not only lower costs but also fine tune their operational intelligence, machine learning, predictive maintenance and enhance the overall usability of their assets.

FogHorn thanks HPE for honoring our achievements and we heartily congratulate the other seven companies for their well-deserved recognition as well. Despite the fact that it’s still in its infancy, Industrial IoT (IIoT) has really come a long way and we predict many amazing developments in 2017.


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