Empowering 5G Operations at the Edge with Google Cloud

Google-Anthos-5GA few years ago, we announced our partnership with Google to simplify the deployment and maximize impact of Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications. Today, we’re proud to share that we're expanding our partnership with Google. This expansion, which spans use cases including computer vision, energy management and worker safety, continues the mission Google Cloud has of bringing more applications to the edge with 5G.

As part of Google’s partner program, our customers are able to efficiently deliver and deploy new services and capabilities while taking advantage of those available from Google Cloud, including Google’s Anthos for Telecom, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and data analytics.

Maximizing IoT Insights with Google

Since the beginning of our partnership with Google, we’ve been able to create a fully-integrated edge and cloud solution that maximizes the insights gained from every IoT device for our customers. Partnering with Google has enabled us to provide an ideal foundation for optimizing distributed assets and processes for our partners in manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, power and water, renewable energy, transportation, connected vehicles, smart buildings and smart cities.

Leveraging the Power of 5G

5G is positioned to be one of the most impactful technologies of all time, and it will serve as the foundation for applications and solutions enabling enterprises to unlock advanced value for both industries and consumers. 5G networks are poised to exponentially improve connectivity speed, capacity and latency to boost IoT and automation deployments such as smart factories, connected cities and more. To capitalize on these advanced use cases, the right technology is crucial. FogHorn provides value on top of 5G – by enabling mission-critical use cases that require real-time data analysis.

By partnering with Google, the benefits of 5G extend to FogHorn's Lightning Edge AI platform and solutions, including:

Worker Safety
Taking advantage of computer vision and AI, FogHorn’s Lightning™ Safety Solution automates monitoring of personal protective equipment, derives real-time insights and generates alerts when policy violations occur. Video cameras stream live feeds to the Lightning solution where ML and AI is applied in real-time. Lightning publishes SMS or email alerts of any compliance violations and those insights are also shown on live dashboards that can be deployed at building entry points, employee break rooms, near production lines and in management consoles that safety and compliance staff can access using any web browser. 

Flare Stack Monitoring
The Lightning™ Flare Monitoring Solution helps oil & gas companies comply with environmental regulations, improve safety and reduce maintenance costs associated with refinery flaring. The solution processes live video streams of flare stacks to provide real-time insights on the size of the flare, smoke to flare ratio and flare angle, empowering operators to make real-time decisions. The solution contains pre-trained deep learning algorithms, developed exclusively for flare stacks. These algorithms can be further customized and refined for each deployment site using a simple graphical user interface for retraining.

FogHorn’s edge AI can bind video streams with audio and vibration data to enrich insights even further. This holistic view of operations makes previously unseen nuances of operations visible and can be used to identify issues, such as compressor health or indicate potential environmental violations.

Interested in learning more on how you can leverage the Lightning Platform and Solution with 5G? Contact us and let's discuss your ideas.