Continuing On-Site Education? 4 Ways To Keep Students & Staff Safe​

covid-safe-schoolsThe stakes are higher than ever for campus safety, as COVID-19 outbreaks have grown as a result of school districts and universities reopening for in-person learning. Schools are faced with the challenge of safely transitioning back to in-person learning without putting the health and safety of students and staff at risk. Traditionally, campuses have not actively monitored for health and safety practice adherence due to the lack of time and cost it requires. Pre-COVID, such laissez-faire monitoring practices have been inadequate in preventing outbreaks during flu season within schools. Unfortunately, this means schools must continue to up-level their campus health and safety monitoring o to reach heightened stakes to prevent the spread of dangerous, life-threatening illnesses, such as COVID-19.

School districts are looking to automated technology, such as FogHorn’s edge AI-enabled Lightning Health & Safety Solutions, to provide a viable solution to ensure a safe return to campus for students, teachers and staff. Here’s five ways school districts can keep their students and staff safe:

1) Edge AI Measures Elevated Body Temperature

By ingesting live video streams from thermal and RGB cameras, edge AI solutions can use deep learning models to detect an elevated body temperature, a prominent indicator of COVID-19 and other illnesses, such as the common cold or flu. While not all are life-threatening, these contagious illnesses impact the ability for schools and universities to operate safely and efficiently.

The Lightning Body Temperature Detection solution ensures that once a temperature outside an acceptable range (i.e. a potential fever) is detected, live updates will be sent to dashboards at points of entry, such as a dorm building or classroom, campus supervisors can more accurately monitor the current health and safety state of their campus. Secondarily, an alert will be generated and sent via email or text, notifying campus officials of the situation and providing recommended next steps.

2) Edge AI Monitors Social Distancing

As social distancing to prevent the spread of illnesses has been enforced to-date either with posted reminders on walls and floors or manual supervision, there is significant room for human error. Edge AI can monitor social distancing through live video streams from standard RGB cameras and deep learning models via streaming video analytics to determine the distance between people in a frame from one another -- down to inches.

Similar to body temperature detection, Lightning Social Distance Monitoring can generate email or SMS text alerts when distance thresholds are violated and publish live updates to dashboards in common areas and management consoles.

3) Edge AI Detects Coughs

Another indicator for a variety of contagious illnesses is excessive coughing. While sporadic coughing can be common, steady coughing can be an indicator of the need to assess your employee’s health status, and edge AI solutions, such as Lightning Cough Detection, can be programmed to decipher between the two. Through the use of live audio streams from standard RGB cameras, machine learning (ML) models can be used to identify cough sounds and differentiate them from other noises, such as conversations or equipment.

Should steady coughing be detected, personnel will be alerted via email or text in order to act fast and mitigate the spread of any potential illnesses. Additionally, live updates will be published to dashboards at points of entry and management consoles.

4) Edge AI Detects Masks

Another important method to mitigate the spread of illnesses is enforcing the use of face coverings and masks in public or shared spaces. As the use of facial coverings has become a requirement for people to enter a variety of educational, business and social settings, it’s important that compliance with this enforcement is monitored at all times.

Using the same live video streams from standard RGB cameras, edge AI solutions can leverage deep learning models to identify facial features and detect whether or not individuals are wearing masks. Lightning Mask Detection can even take it one step further and discern the quality of the masks being worn -- from medical grade to homemade facial coverings.

Campuses can enforce the use of masks and other facial coverings through the real-time alerts via SMS text or email generated in the event that a non-masked individual is detected.

The rapid deployment capabilities of edge AI solutions, like Lightning Health & Safety, enable schools and universities to immediately derive insights and address health and safety monitoring challenges, as students and staff return to campus across the globe. Furthermore, as the looming threats of the common cold, annual flu season and now COVID-19 continue to prevail, schools must do everything they can to cost-effectively provide a safe education and work environment.

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