Collaborating with IBM to Help Customers Make Actionable Decisions with Unified Edge to Cloud Platform

It’s an exciting week – we announced our collaboration with IBM to create a revolutionary edge-to-hybrid cloud solution! We’re thrilled to work with IBM on a next-generation platform that connects advanced edge AI and closed-loop system control capabilities with open and secure hybrid cloud capabilities. By coupling the edge and cloud together, organizations will be able to rapidly deploy, process, store, analyze and train critical data from edge to cloud which will help businesses uncover new actionable insights to improve operations.

As part of the IBM Edge Ecosystem, organizations will have access to the low-latency processing and AI from FogHorn Lightning™ Edge AI platform combined with the IBM Hybrid Cloud and IBM Edge Application Manager. This turnkey platform will automate edge AI application deployments to available edge compute. This platform will give organizations the flexibility to extend operations from private or public cloud to an edge server or asset where they need the compute. This will also create a single system of record, enriched with quality data and actionable insights for the enterprise to pursue intelligent automation.


Of the collaboration, Evaristus Mainsah, general manager of the IBM Hybrid Cloud and Edge Ecosystem, said:

"We look forward to collaborating with FogHorn as part of the IBM edge ecosystem, to help clients realize the full value of an open hybrid cloud approach by bringing together the edge with IT data centers, private clouds and public clouds from multiple providers. The power of IBM Edge Application Manager, combined with FogHorn’s experience in manufacturing, oil and gas, industrial IoT and building energy management, offers an end-to-end FogHorn solution that will enable organizations across industries to act on insights closer to where the data is being created, at the edge."

As you’re likely aware, computing is being done in more and more places. Gartner estimates by 2022 50% of data will be processed and created outside of enterprises’ traditional centralized data center or cloud. And as more computing is decentralized, connecting all the different aspects of digital transformation initiatives will be a challenge. Our collaboration with IBM will solve that challenge by connecting two best-of-breed solutions into a compatible platform that helps customers deliver operational savings, improved up-time, reduced waste and lower energy consumption.

We’re excited to be working with IBM and bring our collaboration to market together. If you’re interested in learning more, my team would be interested in having a conversation with you. Contact us here and we’ll be in touch soon.

Chris-PenroseChris Penrose
Chief Operating Officer